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Silvasti project received the award for Europe’s best special transport 2014

Silvasti awarded as Europe`s best special transport during 2014.

Silvasti awarded as Europe`s best special transport during 2014

In the fall of 2014, Ville Silvasti Ltd. carried out a special transportation that gained international exposure. The project involved transporting two enormous water containers from Central Finland to Kerava. What made the project very unique were the custom-built adapter trailers that enabled exceptionally low transportation height. The costs incurred by the dismantling of traffic obstacles were considerably lower than with traditional methods. Regularly the adapter trailers are used to transport frame tubes of wind power plants. It was a truly innovative idea to transport the large containers with the adapter trailers. This was a novel approach even internationally.

The bold pioneering project received a great accolade when it received Europe’s best special transportation award of 2014. The prize was awarded at the ESTA gala in Paris. Oscars of the special transportation industry are organized annually by the European association of abnormal Road transport and Mobile Cranes. Each year they reward the best transportation and heavy lifting projects in Europe. Silvasti competed in category of Europe’s best transportation under 120 tons. Silvasti was in very good company as fellow competitors in the same category were such industry heavyweights as Mammoet Europe B.V. and Fagioli SPA.

For us this is what winning the Champions League is for a football club. We hold this in very high regard. When it comes to large containers the current trend in the manufacturing industry is to strive towards the highest possible stage of completion at the factory. This makes installation at the site much easier. The result of this is the continuous increase in the size of transported units. Our innovation enables us to transport larger containers in a cost-effective way. For the Finnish workshops this brings a new competitive advantage, says Lauri Riipinen, Head of sales and marketing at Silvasti.

Silvasti is a Finnish pioneering company in special transportations. The company has grown to become of the largest Nordic companies in special transportation and project logistics. Silvasti head office is at Kangashäkki and offices are situated in Jyväskylä, Sweden, and Germany. In addition to operating in Finland, the company has expanded strongly into the Nordic countries and Europe.