Safety is the measure of all things

Maintaining and developing excellent policies regarding occupational health, safety at work, and environmental protection (HSE), is at the heart of our operations. We apply the highest safety and quality standards to all our projects.

Creating a safe working environment at all work sites is our first priority. We aim for zero tolerance for any harm inflicted to people, materials, or the environment. Our best asset in reaching these goals is our highly skilled and experienced personnel.

As our customer, you can be sure we will always strictly adhere to all applicable regulations.

Our HSE policy:

  1. We will comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and directives.
  2. We will observe and promote occupational health, well-being and work safety in all operations.
  3. The management and staff are committed to preventing accidents and injuries.
  4. We encourage employees to be aware of and actively prevent occupational health and safety risks in their working environments.
  5. We are committed to taking care of the well-being of our staff by investing in occupational health care and in a healthy work community.
  6. We will investigate and report on any possible hazardous situations and accidents.
  7. We seek to minimize our carbon footprint throughout our value chain.