Kuljetusliike Ville Silvasti Oy has an established Quality Policy, which is certified with the ISO 9001:2015. Silvasti Quality Policy is built on corporate objectives and values which are presented below.

Our company specializes in demanding heavy and special transports. The transports are designed by our transport engineers and executed mainly with our own heavy transport equipment.

Our goal is to be a profitable, reliable, and competitive company with satisfied customers, partners, and staff. We are committed to the continuous development of quality, working environment and safety of our services, as well as prevention of pollution. We operate in compliance with legal obligations, licensed regulations, and customer requirements.

Our core values are customer-oriented solutions, responsibility of the safety and well being of our staff and the environment, cooperation within the company and with all our customers, and flexibility.

Kuljetusliike Ville Silvasti Oy offers turnkey solutions for even the most demanding transport needs. We do this by:

– Each project is designed and executed in cooperation with the customer in accordance with their requirements.

– Each transport has a designated project manager who is responsible for completing the transport from start to finish.

– All our employees are qualified to perform their work tasks.

Customer satisfaction, good customer service, correct and safe deliveries are the main goals of our operations.

We achieve our operating principles:

– By setting goals for our operations and measuring them.

– By focusing on our own core competencies and providing the customer with special transport services tailored to the customer’s needs.

– Creating circumstances for good and high-quality operations and ensuring opportunities for staff to develop quality, productivity, and professional qualifications.

– By instructing our staff to identify the quality and occupational safety risk factors of their work and the environmental impact, and by encouraging them to work responsibly and make suggestions for removing problems.