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Silvasti driving wind power forward

International and national climate objectives demand that the share of renewable energy in the final electricity consumption be increased. As climate-harming electricity production methods are wound down, the future of wind power appears bright. In the transition to renewable energy, wind power is driven forward through cooperation.

Silvasti provides wind power transportation with over 15 years of experience. Although currently, our yellow fleet is mainly touring around Europe and the Nordics, we have not forgotten our home market: we remain a strong player in the Finnish wind power sector. Our aim is to move the sector forward and be part of building cooperation networks. This work is crystallised in the activities of the Finnish Wind Power Association.

The Finnish Wind Power Association represents the interests of the wind power industry and gathers together a wide range of operators in the field. The association includes over 140 member companies from across Finland. The cooperation between Silvasti and the association has come naturally in terms of geographic location alone: both have their headquarters in Jyväskylä.

– Our cooperation with Silvasti has been significant. The strength of our association lies in corporate members with both technical expertise and practical experience, explains Director Of Operations Heidi Paalatie from the Finnish Wind Power Association.

As the leading European wind power transporter, Silvasti provides the association with a comprehensive package of top expertise in logistics, transportation, and their planning.

– We actively promote the sector by taking part in events and fairs, inviting visitors to learn about our operations, and working in the association’s technical committee. We wish to continue mutual cooperation and be actively involved in it, states Silvasti CEO Ville Silvasti.

In addition to providing professional expertise, Silvasti plays a visible role in the association’s message to the general public. Paalatie says that wind power transports are massive operations that people from outside the sector often also find interesting. The striking fleet with its enormous cargo attracts attention on roads and in social media.

Wind power is an increasingly integral part of everyday life in Finland. The sector has grown immensely during the 30-year existence of the Finnish Wind Power Association. The pioneers of the industry saw the potential in wind power already at the end of the last millennium when industrial wind power was still unknown. The need to transition to renewable energy production methods has further accelerated wind turbine development, and the turbine power output has grown notably in the past two decades.

Silvasti has been able to observe the rise of wind power from the field. When Silvasti began wind power transports, the sector was still small, as were the components and projects. As the projects and components have grown, the company has increased the size of its fleet while remaining at the leading edge of development. Engineering, flexibility, and ability to reform have contributed to lifting Silvasti to the top of wind power transports.

The company intends to maintain its position in the future as well. Paalatie finds the sector’s development to be extremely positive now that new wind turbines are being built without government subsidies. Wind power development and the objective of a carbon-neutral Finland mean that Silvasti transports will be a familiar sight on Finnish roads in the near future as well.

– The past 10 years, we have mainly focused on wind power transportation. Large transports require special expertise and investment, which is what we want to continue to work on. The work is also of great social importance, and as our company has grown, it has been great to see what an impact our work can have, Silvasti comments.