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Not all of the largest and heaviest variety

Silvasti is known as an expert on very large and heavy transports. In spite of this, a considerable portion of the company’s transports consists of various smaller special transports. Silvasti’s Transport Operator Vesa Iivonen estimates that excluding wind farms, approximately half of the company’s transports are “relatively lightweight.”

Special transports include all cargo that cannot be transported in a normal curtainside trailer due to their dimensions. Silvasti transports a variety of smaller-scale cargo as special transports, including industrial goods and machinery as well as motorised work machines.

Smaller transports are usually subject to general transport permits and do not require extensive project plans, making smaller-scale projects more routine and faster to carry out. These projects typically begin with an annual contract client notifying Silvasti of their transport needs: the type of cargo to be transported, its dimensions, address information and the schedule. The price of the transport is also agreed upon at this point, unless it has been locked down in advance.

Even standard gigs require expertise

Although smaller transport projects often follow a familiar pattern for the most part, they are not without their own special characteristics. Sometimes there may be additional challenges involved in the form of difficult terrain, such as a narrow road or a steep incline, for example. As such, every project demands full concentration.

“Ports, for example, all have their own processes, so dealing with them requires you to be familiar with their operating methods and have all your permits in order,” says Vesa Iivonen.

Picking up cargo at a port requires an authorisation document that the driver delivers to the port operator. The operator is told the time and date of the pick-up, in addition to which potential port charges need to be taken care of. Sometimes Silvasti also ensures access to appropriate lifting equipment at the place of departure and destination.

The benefits of a large partner in small transports

Smaller special transports are a very competitive field of transportation. There are transport companies in every city, and many clients prefer to work with local actors. However, major corporations often rely on the services of larger transport providers like Silvasti, requiring their partners to operate in a way that complies with their own operating culture and possess various certifications.

“Silvasti’s large size also ensures flexible service and extensive expertise. Thanks to our large fleet and number of cooperation partners, we can respond quickly to urgent assignments. Swift access to high-quality equipment and the company’s flexibility are major positives to clients,” Iivonen says.

Large companies naturally have plenty of staff and accumulated expertise. As such, Silvasti’s experienced staff know just what to do when there’s a need to deviate from standard operating procedures. For example, customers don’t always know how the items to be transported can be securely fastened.

“Our employees have versatile experience in load binding, and they solve these situations without difficulty,” Iivonen says.

Silvasti delivers special transports both small and large to everywhere in Europe, to Russia and in Russia as well as by sea to all continents.

“We do everything that requires our equipment and expertise,” Iivonen summarises.