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One of Silvasti’s largest projects: Hästkullen was completed through close cooperation

Upon completion, the Nysäter wind farm being erected in Central Sweden will be one of the largest of its kind in Europe. The farm will be constructed within the scope of two projects, the first of which, Hästkullen, has just been completed.

In addition to transport, Silvasti also took care of cargo handling at the port for the purposes of the project. Hästkullen is one of Silvasti’s largest wind power projects to date and quite exceptional in terms of the transport volume, which stands at 897 loads in total. As such, coordinating the flow of components at the port was incredibly important to ensure a seamless transport process. Naturally, our highly skilled port personnel were in their element in these tasks.

The cooperation with the client was also seamless, and the open dialogue provided all parties involved with something new to learn. Silvasti received special thanks for thorough communications and flexibility. Due to the large transport volume, it was especially important to maintain contact with other operators in the area on a wide scale.

“In the implementation of a project of this size, we were faced with many weather-related challenges in terms of erection schedule. Silvasti cooperated closely with our project teams to ensure that the impacts on the plans could be managed to minimise any possible detriments,” comments Ben Dowsett (Area Logistics Manager & Vice Chairman of the Nordex SEF Council) of Nordex Acciona Windpower.

Where our team’s professional expertise and smooth cooperation formed the backbone of the project, our wide range of top-tier equipment was the muscle, which Silvasti has quite enough to comfortably flex. With good coordination, we ensured that everything up to the most demanding transport arrangements ran smoothly, even through challenging winter conditions. Even the exceptionally large tower sections found their way safely from the port to the site.

Silvasti’s years of accumulated experience and competence have made us known as a reliable partner for wind power projects in the Nordic countries and Northern Europe. We are the first choice for our clients since proficient work begins from the initial stages and continues all the way from sales to project planning and development – culminating with smooth transport.

The quality and expertise we provide is known at Nordex, which is why we will be continuing our cooperation in the second phase of the Nysäter farm!