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Silvasti went full-speed ahead in 2020

The factors that made 2020 an exceptional year did not slow Silvasti down, although it will be remembered for the pandemic that shook both society and the markets. Preparing for the special circumstances also demanded some resources from Silvasti as countries shut down their borders and the entire world seemed to have come to a halt. However, we survived without the need off temporary lay-offs and even hired more staff when the busy summer season arrived!

In 2020, we completed more than 2,600 wind power transportations to a total of 11 projects in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Here are a few high points of our year:

The 73 new turbines that will be completed in Hästkullen, Sweden, make up the largest project in our history by total transport volume. In total, the project will require 824 transports, and the 570 of them that were carried out last year made up nearly a quarter of the whole year’s transports. The project will continue for this spring, as planned.

Whereas Hästkullen was special due to its high number of transports, the Guleslettene project in Norway was demanding due to its tight schedule and challenging route. We transported 47 turbines – 470 transports in total – to a wind power park in the mountains, all within schedule.

Kjölberget in Norway, on the other hand, showed us how smooth cooperation with Nordic authorities allowed transports across two different countries and beyond the EU border. We supplied Kjölberget with 13 turbines in 156 transports, each of which travelled 500 kilometres from the port in Sweden to the worksite in Norway. There were quite a few route changes along the long road, but our flexibility and quick responses helped us overcome them.

Other special transports made by Silvasti did not stay only within the Nordic countries. The turnover from transports, especially to Russia and Eastern Europe increased notably, and we hope that this promising trend will also continue long into the future!

We can proudly say that we survived this historic year with our pride intact and have started our 50th anniversary year at full speed. In 2021, we will also return to our roots by coming back to wind power transports in our home market. Wind power construction is on the rise in Finland, and soon Silvasti’s yellow trucks will also be seen more often on the highways of the company’s home country.