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Family business 2.0

When you look at Silvasti today, it’s hard to imagine that the company had only one truck and one rented trailer when it was founded fifty years ago. Only ten years ago, Silvasti’s fleet consisted just of four trucks and ten trailers. The company has grown tremendously, but despite all the growth and internationalization, Silvasti is still a tenacious family business at heart.

Family entrepreneurship is a value that can be seen and heard at Silvasti. We not only talk the talk but also walk the walk, which has a positive effect on the work motivation and well-being of our staff. It’s no wonder that Silvasti’s staff describes the company as a big and agile ship that can change its course quickly and efficiently. When no time is wasted on internal bureaucracy and the management is able to make good decisions quickly, nothing is impossible. Straightforwardness, flexibility and faith in our staff’s skills give everyone the chance to challenge themselves and to succeed.

Jukka and Ville, the former and current CEO, play a particularly important role in creating this atmosphere. At Silvasti, the management doesn’t hide away in its ivory tower, but works among the rest of the work community as much as their schedule allows. Ville can be reached at all times, and support is always available. Both Jukka and Ville have driven trucks themselves, so they know how hard the work on the road is. This is important to Ville himself as well, as he knows that the staff knows and trusts that he really knows what the work at Silvasti is like.

At Silvasti, everyone looks out for one another. Staff is seen as a priority, which shows in the state-of-the-art equipment, brand new premises and incentive salary system. The management really listens to the wishes of the staff by e.g. allowing the drivers to take part in designing their own equipment. This allows the tacit know-how to be put into practice, making everyone’s work easier. Teamwork allows us to constantly develop and renew ourselves.

Family business values are what make Silvasti so special, and we want to cherish them. However, growth has brought challenges with it that can’t be solved by the family alone. As we move towards a new operating culture fit for a bigger company, we must create new operating models and modes of operation. The core of the business stays the same, but the modes of operation are renewed. As a new and improved Family Business 2.0, Silvasti further emphasizes the role of family entrepreneurship as a competitive advantage.

The Silvasti family is headed towards a new year and new challenges!

We wish everyone a peaceful Christmas and a happy new year 2021 – Silvasti