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Quick reactions and groundbreaking solutions: zinkgruvan wind farm challenged our coordination

A 14-turbine wind farm was built on an old mining area in 2018. In addition to transport, Silvasti also in charge of port handling. The route from the port to the site was very long, 325 kilometres, in addition to which there was increased heavy traffic on the route due to the mining operations nearby. To avoid traffic jams, the Zinkgruvan deliveries were made mainly at night. This way, we could ensure the safety of drivers, the components transported and others on the road.

No matter how thorough your plan, you can never completely avoid surprises. There were new obstacles on the transport route when roadworks emerged along it, which required quick changes. Where the agility of the heavy equipment ends, the experience and reaction speed of the planning team keep the wheels turning. Despite the changes to the route, the project stayed on schedule – which is also thanks to smooth co-operation with the authorities.

Zinkgruvan in numbers:

Wind power: 14 x GE 3.80–137 turbines

Largest delivery: Blade, L 74 m x W 4.25 m x H 4.5 m

Heaviest delivery: Nacelle, 156 t

Total deliveries: 140

Distance of a one-way delivery: 325 km

Total one-way distance: 45,500 km