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It’s windy at the top: silvasti involved in a major project of norway’s statkraft

Silvasti’s experience of challenging conditions is an absolute prerequisite in Norway’s mountainous landscape where the world’s largest wind farm – for the moment – was built in 2018. The careful planning took about a year, after which the project itself was carried out effectively in spring and summer. The winding and narrow mountain roads require a perfect performance from both the equipment and the drivers. For experienced drivers and brand-new special equipment, such as the SuperWingCarrier trailer, no curve is impossible.

Roan in numbers:

Wind power: 71 x 3.60 MW turbines

Largest delivery: Tower – L 59 m x W 4.2 m x H 4.3 m

Heaviest delivery: Nacelle, 208 t

Total deliveries: 568

Distance from the port to the site: 40 km

Total one-way distance: 22,720 km