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Silvasti accepts challenges head on and finds the ideal solutions to them

Mantsinen Group Ltd Oy is a Finnish family-owned company that manufactures hydraulic material handling machinery for ports, terminals and factories around the world. Silvasti has been delivering Mantsinen machinery for over twenty years from their factory in Ylämylly, Finland, directly to customers and to Finnish ports to await further transportation by sea. With each machine being different, every special transport requires close collaboration between the two companies.

Mantsinen originally began manufacturing material handling machinery for its own needs, as the company’s other line of business is providing logistics services to the forestry industry. Project Logistics Coordinator Elena Mantsinen says that the company first started selling material handling machinery in the late 90s, and the collaboration with Silvasti began just a few years later, in the early 2000s.

“Every material handling machine that we manufacture is unique, as a result of which transporting them requires planning. We provide Silvasti with the specifications of the machine to be transported and a proposal of how it could be divided into parts for transportation, based on which they provide us with a route proposal. After that we work out a schedule together,” Mantsinen explains.  

“Silvasti understands our business”

Transporting machinery is not just a collaboration between Silvasti and Mantsinen, as the transport projects often also involve third parties, such as the authorities. As such, it is crucial that all the parties involved work together smoothly from start to finish.

“Logistics is a specialised field with no shortage of challenges. Luckily Silvasti are experts when it comes to logistics and always find the ideal solutions for us. The transport projects that we have carried out in collaboration with Silvasti have always been successful, even when everything has not gone quite as planned,” Mantsinen praises.

As a result of their long-standing partnership, the two companies have built up a good mutual understanding and a high level of trust. Collaborative special transport projects and development between the companies is set to continue in the future as well, based on Mantsinen’s growth strategy.

“Our volume of orders has grown and we expect to continue increasing our collaboration with Silvasti. The best thing about working with Silvasti is that we are on the same wavelength; they understand both our business and our products. Instead of forgetting everything after a single transport, we both have the desire to learn from every project and always do things just a little more efficiently and safer,” Mantsinen summarises.

Matsinen Group

  • A Finnish family-owned company established in 1963.
  • Operations are divided into two business units: Logistic Services and Material Handling Machinery.
  • The group’s material handling machinery is used for numerous applications in ports, industrial environments and terminals. Mantsinen material handling machines load and unload coal, scrap metal, steel industry end products, round wood and forestry industry end products as well as other bulk goods and products.
  • Mantsinen material handling machines are manufactured in Ylämylly in the municipality of Liperi, Finland, from where they are delivered to customers all around the world.

The article was originally published in the Heavy Life magazine in 2018.