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The largest road transport of the year: obstacles did not slow down the gigantic sorting line

Silvasti transported a 90-metre sorting line from Alajärvi to Parkano in spring 2020. The transport was divided into three parts due to the demanding nature of the disassembly and assembly.

The two smaller parts were delivered with practised ease along the 200-kilometre route. However, the largest part, a hundred-tonne block that was 36 metres long, 8.9 metres wide and 6 metres high, required long-term preparations. Transport via bridges was not possible, which ruled out several route options. Silvasti’s professional route surveyers measured the obstacles on the route in good time in order to remove them. With a massive delivery, each turn is a challenge even when using the best possible equipment.

Still, all obstacles can be overcome through good planning and teamwork. The weather favoured the transport since the night-time operation was not hindered by slippery or snowy conditions. Not that these conditions would have been particularly difficult, since the sanding and anti-icing equipment were on standby in case of changes in the weather.

The massive conveyor reached its destination sooner than expected, thanks to the careful planning and everyone working together for the common goal.