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Wind power can also be transported by a barge – Silvasti transported wind turbines to the windy mountains of bjerkreim

The winds of the Atlantic Ocean are historically strong over the mountain area in Bjerkreim and Hå where a 70-turbine wind farm was built between 2019 and 2020.

On Bjerkreim, Silvasti was in charge of port handling, in addition to the road transport from the port to the project storage area and up to the installation area. Some components travelled from the Port of Egersund on a barge, since the port is on an island and the bridge to the mainland placed restrictions on the transport of the heavy components. The Silvasti team included a total of 14 trucks with various types of trailers, 40 truck and escort car drivers, and the barge with its personnel, of course.

Extensive experience, high-level engineering skills and the ability to manage large entities were integral to success in challenging mountain conditions. Good route planning and premium equipment ensured that the winding and narrow roads did not hinder even the largest delivery.

Due to strong winds, the installation took longer than expected, which is why up-to-date co-ordination was of the utmost importance for the success of the project. The project planning started in October 2018, and the deliveries were made between May 2019 and March 2020 due to the challenging wind conditions.

Bjerkreim in numbers

Wind power: 70 x SWT 4.2–130 turbines

Largest delivery: Blade, L 70 m x W 4.2 m x H 4.4 m

Heaviest delivery: Tower, 115 t

Total deliveries: 840

Distance of a one-way delivery: 40 km

Total one-way distance: 33,600 km