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The model of tampere’s new tramcar reached its destination not by tracks, but with a little help from Silvasti

In February 2019, one of Silvasti’s trailers was loaded with a rather special delivery. The City of Tampere in Finland is currently constructing a 20-kilometre, two-track tramway, the first track section of which is scheduled for completion in 2021. A full-sized model of the tramcar was transported by Silvasti from Oulu to Tampere Hall, where the city’s residents were given a chance to examine their upcoming new mode of transport.

The wooden model tramcar had to be thoroughly protected so that it would survive the five-hundred-kilometre journey under wintry conditions unscathed. Loaded in three parts, the model was secured with transport supports to prevent it from moving about during the trip.

“Wood is a delicate material compared to the iron and steel components that we usually transport. This is why the model had to be so thoroughly protected against weather conditions and the natural movements that occur during transport. When dealing with a so-called trade-fair delivery like this, it is imperative for the showpiece to arrive at its destination without a single scratch,” comments Project Manager Juha Simola from Silvasti on the special circumstances surrounding the transport of the tramcar model.

Moved inside Tampere Hall with silk gloves

The skidding of the model tramcar inside Tampere Hall’s Sorsapuistonsali was also carried out with silk gloves. Transported in three parts, the model had to fit seamlessly together on-site so as to look like a genuine tramcar, right down to the smallest details.

“The model was displayed at Tampere Hall for a week, after which we transported it to Rollikkahalli in Pyynikki, Tampere. Traversing the distance between the two buildings was not a problem with heavy equipment, but making jacking and skidding for objects of this size in and out of trade fair facilities takes extreme precision. The schedules were also tight, as the work had to be carried out in public spaces that were used for other activities as well,” Simola explains.

The public will be able to examine the model transported by Silvasti in Rollikkahalli in Tampere from the beginning of April. Tramway traffic on the first section of the new tramway, from Pyynikintori to Hervanta and from the city centre to Tampere University Hospital, is set to commence in 2021.