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Wind power in denmark is renewing – and silvasti does not shy away from winds of change

There is constant need for new wind power projects, even in a pioneering country like Denmark. Along with new technology, the power of wind farms has increased rapidly in the last few decades.

Silvasti also wants to be a pioneer of wind power transport and drive its second home market towards next-generation wind power. Silvasti is also planning to be a part of progress in the future.

Silvasti received components in the Port of Esbjerg where the journey to the Overgaard worksite started. However, the gigantic blades came from even farther away, from Lauchhammer, Germany. The deliveries were made in July–August 2020 as planned. Through flexibility, confidence and quick reactions, we could ensure the safety of our deliveries despite the Covid-19 crisis. Our wheels keep turning even during exceptional circumstances.

Overgaard in numbers:

Wind power: 16 x 3.45 MW

Largest delivery: Tower, L 57 m x W 4.0 m x H 4.3 m, 115 t

Largest delivery from Lauchhammer, Germany: Blade, L 67 m x W 4.2 m x H 4.3 m

Total deliveries: 96 (+ 48 from Germany)

Distance of a one-way delivery: 200 km from port, 900 km from Lauchhammer

Total one-way distance: 19,200 km from port, 43,200 km from Lauchhammer