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Silvasti went underground: taking a crusher into the depths of a gold mine in kittilä

In July 2020, Silvasti had a chance to prove its innovativeness when a 40-tonne crusher had to be transported into the Kittilä gold mine. The serpentine road into the depths of the mine is seven kilometres long, but due to the challenging conditions, the journey from above ground to the unloading spot inside the mine took two hours. Despite the short distance, the delivery required intense concentration from even the most professional driver. The narrow and winding tunnel set strict boundaries for the equipment to be used.

The modular trailer can be adapted to many purposes, which is useful in especially large-scale transport. This time, we compiled a compact solution that could fit into the narrow mining tunnel. In the end, the exceptional modification consisted only of a three axle module part which was attached directly to the goose neck. This way, we could minimise the total length of the entity, and the steerable axles ensured that the transport could manage even the tightest spots. Prior to the actual delivery, the suitability of the equipment for the route was tested with a plywood box with dimensions similar to the crusher.