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Smooth co-operation oiled silvasti’s wheels once again: transport to Guleslettene wind farm broke speed records!

A wind farm producing electricity with 47 turbines was installed in the mountainous landscape of Guleslettene. The winds blowing on the mountainside were extremely favourable for the project, so both the transport and the turbine installation were particularly efficient despite the challenging conditions and height differences.

Forested, winding and narrow mountain roads demand much of special transport, but thanks to excellent co-operation, even the sharpest turns couldn’t slow Silvasti down!

Our partner in the port took care of the unloading professionally, and even the largest component was moved on the truck in a controlled manner. In this project, the client was in charge of any route changes.When the route was ready to the last detail, all we needed to do was to show up with our professional drivers and top-class transport equipment.

Once again, seamless co-operation got things moving while also contributing to cleaner energy production.

Guleslettene in numbers:

Wind power: 47 x V136 – 4.20 MW

Largest delivery: Blade, L 71 m x W 4.3 m x H 4.4 m

Heaviest delivery: Tower, 115 t

Total deliveries: 470

Distance of a one-way delivery: 35 km

Total one-way distance: 16,450 km

Duration of transport and installation: 17 weeks