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New equipment for wind power projects

You can’t move a single load from A to B without the appropriate vehicle. When it comes to transports, high-quality vehicles are everything. This is why it is important for transport companies to keep their vehicle fleets in tiptop condition.

Silvasti’s operations have always been based on the company’s own and diverse vehicle fleet. This ensures smooth deliveries for every customer. With its fleet and the help of its capable staff, Silvasti ensures that every client is served with the best equipment for the job.

Early this year, Silvasti made a major investment in new vehicles, acquiring 15 new 750 hp Volvo FH16 trucks. All of these new trucks are equipped with crawler gears. This makes it easier to get heavy loads moving under challenging conditions.

“With extremely heavy loads, it is difficult to get the vehicle moving even on level ground, not to mention in more difficult conditions. Crawler gears make the job easier on steep inclines, for example, which are common at wind power construction sites,” explains Fleet Manager Jari Sihvonen.

Some of the new trucks will be going to Silvasti’s Danish division. And the rest will be deployed to work sites from Jyväskyä, Finland. However, the trucks will need to undergo extensive additional outfitting before being put to work.

“The trucks will be outfitted with things like fuel and hydraulics tanks, toolboxes and electrical equipment in Riihimäki. After that they will continue on to Laukaa, where they will be outfitted with radiotelephones, inverters and warning and additional lights. Finally, the trucks will undergo some additional outfitting and be supplied with the necessary tools at our own workshop in Jyväskylä. The appearance of the trucks will also be finalised in Jyväskylä with the application of vehicle graphics.”

You can look forward to seeing Silvasti’s new yellow and red trucks on Finnish roads this spring. Be sure to give us a wave if you spot one!