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Silvasti transported 2x chimneys L=41,3 m D=6,40 m m=88 tn to Tampere.

Silvasti was assigned to perform logistic services related to vent chimneys of road tunnel which is built at Tampere, Finland.

Project scope included just-in-time road transports of 2 chimneys L=41,3 m D=6,40 m m=88 tn.

Due to artistical paintjob planned for cargo, the manufacturing procedure included some internal moves at manufacturing plant of SSV-Tanks at Saarijärvi.

Over the whole project transport safety and scheduling had a key role. From very beginning it was clear that both chimneys were to be transported by same time. This was due to many needed road improvements and temporarily removed obstacles and road furniture, powercuts of overhead lines etc.

The planning of transport project took its place months before transportation itself. The length of transport route was about 300 kms. Practically every meter of transport route had to be checked and measured. 

By first two nights convoy passed extreme winter conditions with snow and ice. Over the third night wiggled its way to tunnel construction site located near center of Tampere city.