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In May 2017 Silvasti delivered 290 tn transformer in Finland

In May 2017 Silvasti delivered 290 tn transformer in Finland. Silvasti was responsible for the delivery to substation and the transport included mainly rail transportations. Train transportation took 4 days. All the reloading phases needed jacking and skidding work, which were done by using Silvasti’s customized jacking and skidding equipment. Jacking equipment has lifting capacity up to 380 tons.

Due the rail transport the main railway needed to cut and move the main track to side tracks. The work was carried out on the terms of uninterrupted train traffic with a pretermined time schedule. After the last re-loading the last kilometers to substation were carried out by Silvasti’s 17 axle modular trailer, total gross weight for the combination was more than 400 tons. Silvasti’s scope ended on positioning transformer to its place at the substation.

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